Rapper PSY wants Tom Cruise to go ‘Gangnam Style’

The South Korean
rapper behind YouTube’s most-
viewed video ever has set what might
be a “Mission: Impossible” for
Asked which celebrity he would like
to see go “Gangnam Style,” the
singer PSY told The Associated Press:
“Tom Cruise!”
Surrounded by screaming fans, he
then chuckled at the idea of the
American movie star doing his now
famous horse-riding dance.
PSY’s comments Wednesday in
Bangkok were his first public remarks
since his viral smash video — with
838 million views — surpassed Justin
Bieber’s “Baby,” which until Saturday
held the record with 803 million
“It’s amazing,” PSY told a news
conference, saying he never set out
to become an international star. “I
made this video just for Korea,
actually. And when I released this
song — wow.”
The video has spawned hundreds of
parodies and tribute videos and
earned him a spotlight alongside a
variety of superstars.
Earlier this month, Madonna invited
PSY onstage and they danced to his
song at one of her New York City
concerts. MC Hammer introduced
the Korean star at the American
Music Awards as, “My Homeboy
Even President Barack Obama is
talking about him. Asked on Election
Day if he could do the dance, Obama
replied: “I think I can do that move,”
but then concluded he might “do it
privately for Michelle,” the first lady.
PSY was in Thailand to give a free
concert Wednesday night organized
as a tribute to the country’s revered
King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who turns
85 next month. He paid respects to
the king at a Bangkok shopping mall,
signing his name in an autograph
book placed beside a giant poster of
the king. He then gave an outdoor
press conference, as screaming fans
nearby performed the pop star’s
Determined not to be a one-hit
wonder, PSY said he plans to release
a worldwide album in March with
dance moves that he thinks his
international fans will like.
“I think I have plenty of dance moves
left,” he said, in his trademark
sunglasses and dark suit. “But I’m
really concerned about the (next)
music video.”
“How can I beat ‘Gangnam Style’?”
he asked, smiling. “How can I beat
850 million views?”
Associated Press writer Thanyarat
Doksone contributed to this report.

Sumber : yahoo news

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