Park Jung Min answers question on the possibility of SS501 coming back together


SS501 ‘s Park Jung Min recently
held his Japanese concert,
‘ROMEO CONTACT‘ on the 29th.
After his concert, he stated to
the press, “Recently, I got a text
from Kyujong at 8 in the
morning. I was up early that day
and asked him what he was
doing, and he answered that he
was working. It was a very
different situation. ”

When asked about the possibility
of SS501 coming back together,
he explained, “We haven’t
broken up, so we have the
choice to come together
anytime. Before Kyujong enlisted
in the army, we all met up once.
But right now, Kyujong is in the
army, and all the members are
in different situations. I can’t say
anything for sure.”

SS501′s return may be especially
difficult because the SS501
members are with different
agencies. Kim Hyun Joong is
signed with Key
East Entertainment , Jung Min is
with Yamaha A&R , Kim Hyung
Joon is with S Plus
Entertainment, and Heo Young
Saeng along with Kim Kyu Jong
are with B2M Entertainment.
Additionally, Jung Min also
expressed his future enlistment
plans and said, “ I still have
domestic promotions left. I want
to be active for a bit longer
before I go. ”

Do you want to see SS501 come

» please, comeback as SS501 again~ «

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