Story of Two Frogs in the Milk


This is the story of two frogs.
One frog was fat and the other
skinny. One day, while searching
for food, they inadvertently
jumped into a vat of milk. They
couldn’t get out, as the sides
were too slippery, so they were
just swimming around.

The fat frog said to the skinny
frog, “Brother frog, there’s no
use paddling any longer. We’re
just going to drown, so we might
as well give up.” The skinny frog
replied, “Hold on brother, keep
paddling. Somebody will get us
out.” And they continued
paddling for hours.

After a while, the fat frog said,
“Brother frog, there’s no use.
I’m becoming very tired now.
I’m just going to stop paddling
and drown. It’s Sunday and
nobody’s working. We’re
doomed. There’s no possible way
out of here.” But the skinny frog
said, “Keep trying. Keep
paddling. Something will happen,
keep paddling.” Another couple
of hours passed.

The fat frog said, “I can’t go on
any longer. There’s no sense in
doing it because we’re going to
drown anyway. What’s the use?”
And the fat frog stopped. He
gave up. And he drowned in the
milk. But the skinny frog kept
on paddling.

Ten minutes later, the skinny
frog felt something solid
beneath his feet. He had
churned the milk into butter and
he hopped out of the vat.

MORAL:- Never give up on your
dream… perseverance is all
important. If you don’t have the
desire and the belief in yourself
to keep trying after you’ve been
told you should quit, you’ll never
make it

If at first you don’t succeed, try,
try again…..

Source : Iphotoquotes


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