Lee Minho and His First Love With the Indonesian Press


For his “First Love… with
Indonesia Global Fanmeeting” in
Jakarta (22/03) actor Lee Minho,
famous for his character in Boys
Over Flowers and City Hunter,
the chosen two dramas of his
personal favourite and most
prominent as of today, met the
room of press in the evening. As
his first arrival to the country, he
casually dressed smart in a unique crisp white shirt with a patterned vest and black trousers with a shortage of length remindful of his ‘Personal Taste’ drama style, he looked as charming as ever to be one of Korean’s top flower boys with his fall figure and sweet smile.

”Selamat malam,” he first opened
with the mic and made a great
impression. “Nice to meet you all,
thank you.”
Known to be a reticent and cool
person, he is not talkative in
person, an actual reserve and
polite figure that is adored by
many. So what is his first
impression of the country? “My
first impression is that all my fans
have been waiting for me, and I
would like to say that I’m sorry
that I only have come now and not
from long ago. Now, I finally have
a chance to come,” answering the
question with a big smile.
Organizer Munial Sport Group
whom has successfully brought in
Lee Seung Gi to Indonesia helped in
bringing the guest star of later
tonight in his own fanmeeting
(23/03). Why did he choose
Indonesia as one of his exclusive
fanmeet stops?
“Through SNS, a lot of fans has
said how much they wish for me
to come. It is by request and I
try my best to repay back the
best I can.”
At the last stage, Mr. Munial of the
organizer gifted him a football
jersey, because Minho is known to
enjoy football and Munial Sport
Group original projects includes all
the world-star athletes.
Look forward to his fanmeet –
what kind of performances has he
prepared to make everyone feel like
it is just like their first love?

Source : Korea.Com


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